Dear friends,

given the serious situation we are experiencing and given the cancellation of all the cultural events that we had planned in opera houses around the world, I thought of using part of my time to turn the spotlight on a virtual stage, a moment of meeting live online where in the coming weeks I will meet artists and show business workers.

I chose the formula of direct Instagram on my @MaxCavalletti page and as traveling companions I asked my colleagues and theater workers for help who are facing this unprecedented emergency today.
I would like to turn on a spotlight precisely on young artists and on those who work in the back stage or in the induced world of opera because I believe that at this moment it is important to give space also to those who have less voice and to those who are taking their first steps in our difficult art, but which has already made so much effort to get this far.

I would like, through a moment of simplicity and very discursive, to create interest in new, lesser known or less enlightened aspects of the fantastic world of the Opera House.

I will start on Friday 24 April 2020 at 6.15 pm with the soprano Barbara Massaro.

I will keep you informed in the coming days on my social networks, with the dates and times and above all the names of my future travel companions!

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