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The study of the voice mainly needs a guide, a teacher who can help the student in the development, growth or improvement of the vocal material and above all in the use that is made of it: Breathing, Vocal Technique, Vocalizations, Interpretation, Pronunciation, vocal emission and way of saying and expressing what is sung.

I appeal to all those who want to undertake a journey in the study of the art of opera singing. To those who are at their first experiences and to those artists who need advice to increase their experiences or solve technical or repertoire problems, to anyone who needs help in understanding and pronouncing the text and librettos and on preparing auditions and choice pieces for competitions and other events.

I have studied and worked in the world of opera for over twenty years and I still continue to study and try to improve myself, but in addition to my studio and my work in theaters I like to work with all those artists who put themselves in the game to cure, to improve or discover the instrument that is within them and to make it vibrate.

The best thing is always the lesson in the presence, but in certain cases and for certain situations we can also try to use the internet and technology.
I live near Mendrisio in Italian Switzerland but I also teach during my periods of work in the theater in Italy and abroad.

If you need information, if you want to study with me, or if you have any doubts or questions, contact me using the form below and I will write back to you as soon as possible.

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    Singing lessons baritone Massimo Cavalletti
    Skype Online Baritone Singing Lesson
    Skype Online Baritone Singing Lesson

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